Your order has been dispatched.

A long journey for a couple of pairs of cheap kicks……..

So last week I ordered these Alife kicks from  Oki- Ni, £25 a pair. Steal.

Being me I couldnt wait for them to arrive so I splashed out on the extra £2 odd to get them next day, but could not get over the route they had taken from leaving Oki-Ni in Basildon, Essex to me in South East London.

117 Miles round trip  instead of 28 miles if they had come straight to me. How many pairs of hands have had a touch of my new sneaks before me?

And people are ranting about carbon emissions?



Lost Shoe

One of my pet hates is trying to find a job…After coming back from a 10 week voluntary experience in India teaching (aka playing) with some of my most favorite little shitty ass kids, i now realise i need to get a job (I’ve put it off for way too long).

So the other day i managed to get a interview in the next town (Dawlish) this requires me to jump on a train at Teignmouth and ride for 5 minutes to get to my next destination, of which then i would walk 5-8 minutes to the interview.

So i got ready, looking smart yet casual, with a slightly 1/2 size too big pair of ballet shoes on…after fumbling around with my iphone, trying to choose some music to put me in a good state of mind ready for what i thought would be a grueling interview, i step on to the train feeling confident about my appearance but i realise my foot feels some what bare. I look down and i have only one shoe on….i glance down in between the train and the platform and there humbly is my shoe laying on the rail track. So being the ever so annoying passenger i inform the train assistant not caring about the trains departure…unfortunately the train assistant didnt care at all and while the platform assistant tried to help, she mentioned that i would have to stay and get on the next train….hmmm this couldn’t happen considering i had an INTERVIEW! So i jumped on the train…. surprisingly no one considered laughing at me in the slightest…so i reached my destination and walked up through town to find the only shoe shop in the whole of Dawlish…where i purchased another pair of unwanted interview shoes.

I managed to get to the interview on time…obviously enlightening them with my lost shoe story! Hopefully it will win me the job haha!

I got back my other shoe and now have 2 pairs of unwanted 1/2 size too big ballet pumps with another pair i had to get for a wedding!


Day One.